Het Blauwe Huisje - Zuidermrkt
Het Blauwe Huisje - Zuidermrkt

Het Blauwe Huisje

Het Blauwe Huisje sells 100% homemade English chutney and relish, marmalade, limited edition jams and curds.

We take great pride in producing an artisan product which is high in both quality and flavour.  Made in our tiny ‘blauwe huisje’ in Beekbergen, every jar is 100% handcrafted using only the best ingredients.

To ensure an exclusive yet rustic character, our range of jams, chutney, marmalade and curds change with the seasons allowing our discerning customers to indulge in a variety of distinctive flavours the whole year round.

“The zuiderMRKT is one of our favourite places to be on a Saturday. The customers, the village feel of the location, the dynamic team of makers and producers…every time we are there feels like a day out with friends rather than a day’s work.”  – Quote Jane Breemer